Starrett Cordless Smooth Cut Hole Saws

These Starrett smooth cut hole saws are Constructed of hardened heat and abrasion resisting high speed Steel teeth with a tough alloy body and cap, and designed for use with battery operated power tools, the Starrett smooth cut hole saws will cut twice as many holes as the equivalent standard hole saw per battery charge.




 The perfect tool for on site work with battery operated power tools. Ideal for cutting stainless, tool and mild Steel sheeting plus plasterboard, wood and thin plastics.


    • Safety stop at the base of the hole saw prevents drilling beyond maximum cutting depth.


    • There is no need to purchase a separate arbor and pilot drill, the Starrett cutter hole saws come complete with arbor and pilot drill fitted.


    • Constant pitch teeth provide exceptionally smooth cuts. Pitch 8 teeth per 25mm/inch.


    • Cutting depth 13mm (1/2").


we stock a large range of Starrett cutters, hole saws, arbors and accessories, but if you can't find a Starrett product you are after please contact us.

Code Description Brand Size Price Quantity
STRCSC16 Starrett CSC16 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 16mm Starrett 16mm £17.09 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC19 Starrett CSC19 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 19mm Starrett 19mm £17.09 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC20 Starrett CSC20 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 20mm Starrett 20mm £17.09 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC22 Starrett CSC22 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 22mm Starrett 22mm £17.45 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC25 Starrett CSC25 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 25mm Starrett 25mm £17.45 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC27 Starrett CSC27 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 27mm Starrett 27mm £17.45 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC29 Starrett CSC29 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 29mm Starrett 29mm £18.54 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC30 Starrett CSC30 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 30mm Starrett 30mm £19.48 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC32 Starrett CSC32 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 32mm Starrett 32mm £19.48 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC35 Starrett CSC35 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 35mm Starrett 35mm £20.97 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC38 Starrett CSC38 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 38mm Starrett 38mm £21.70 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC40 Starrett CSC40 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 40mm Starrett 40mm £17.68 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC51 Starrett CSC51 Smooth Cutting Holesaw 51mm Starrett 51mm £18.46 (exc VAT) Each
STRCSC202532 Starrett Smooth Cutting Hole Saws Triple Pack 20,25,32mm Starrett 20mm 25mm 32mm £30.98 (exc VAT) Each