HMT CarbideMax 40 Broach Cutters

The CarbideMax™ 40 series will broach up to 35mm thickness of metal.

CarbideMax 40 TCT Boach cutters by holemaker technology are a new generation of broach cutters proven to more than halve the cost of hole broaching compared with traditional HSS Cutters.

CarbideMax 40 TCT cutters also offer a life expectancy up to 10x that of standard HSS cutters and cutting speeds up to 64% faster thanks to their indivdually brazed Tungsten carbide cutting teeth and elaborate tool geometry.

This specialist construction also results in quieter, easier drilling, with smooth, accurate holes and chatter free performance throughout the cut.

The carbideMax range - stronger and faster for longer, the ultimate value for money. 

HMT CarbideMax 40 Broach Cutters